Sami Halabi’s Profile

Sami Halabi is policy, research and media consultant who specialises in analysing policies and programmes in order to provide evidence-based recommendations to decision makers, international agencies, think tanks and governments, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. Sami also advises various international and academic organisations on information management, reporting and media strategy in order to provide a full range of consulting services. Sami holds Master of Public Policy with Distinction from The University of Edinburgh.

Selected achievements:

  • Co-led a third-party real time evaluation of four UN agency humanitarian programmes in Syria: Integrity Research & Consulting.
  • Authored a policy brief on labour integration policy in the Arab region: Khamsoon
  • Led an external review of the first national assessment of street-based children in Lebanon: ILO, UNICEF, Save the Children. Led an assessment of Syrian refugee winter needs, priorities, and coping strategies in Lebanon: Save the Children International.
  • Led an external review of an action plan to integrate ICT in Lebanon’s public schools: American University of Beirut/USAID
  • Led an evaluation of a Home Based Skills Development Programme for 800 female Syrian refugee and Lebanese host community beneficiaries in Lebanon: Save the Children International/Integrity Research & Consulting/ECHO
  • Analysed raw data and edited the content of an assessment on conflict drivers and communal tensions between Syrian refugees and Lebanese host community residents: UNHCR/Search for Common Ground.
  • Led the evaluation of a two-year female entrepreneurship development programme in Lebanon and Palestine: Tomorrow’s Youth Organization/Oak Foundation
  • Authored a policy paper on post-conflict development aid in Syria targeted at international donors, governments and NGOs: Menapolis Consulting.
  • Organised and conducted a workshop on affecting child labour policy in Lebanon:
    International Labour Organization.
  • Compiled and authored a comprehensive policy paper on policy responses to Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian working street children in Lebanon: The University of Edinburgh Academy of Government Working Paper Series.
  • Reviewed, compiled and edited the content of both rapid and joint education needs assessments for displaced Syrian children in Lebanon: UNICEF / Save the Children International.
  • Compiled a desk review on education of Syrian children in Lebanon: World Learning.
  • Authored a global facilitator’s manual on teaching journalists to report on corruption in emerging economies: Center for International Private Enterprise.

To view Sami Halabi’s complete professional profile visit his LinkedIn page.

To contact Sami Halabi please send an email to samihalabi[at]


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