External Review: Children Living and Working on the Streets in Lebanon

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This study provides the Government of Lebanon and non-governmental organisations with evidence-based research on the magnitude and profile of children living or working in the streets of Lebanon, and on their socioeconomic situation. The study also assesses the cases of more than 700 Lebanese and non-Lebanese children and is the first of its kind to cover the different locations and regions in Lebanon where a relatively high incidence of children living or working on the streets persists.

Children Living and Working on the Streets in Lebanon: Profile and Magnitude


Author: Sami Halabi

Sami Halabi is a policy consultant who covers a range of policy issues and analyses development programmes, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. Sami specialises in analysing policies and programmes in order to provide evidence-based recommendations to policy-makers and international development agencies. Sami holds a Master of Public Policy with Distinction from The University of Edinburgh.

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