Assessment of Syrian refugee winter vulnerabilities, coping mechanisms and priority needs in Lebanon

Rapid Assessment of Syrian Refugee Winter Needs, Priorities and Coping Strategies in Lebanon

                         Save-the-ChildrenECHO commission

The purpose of this research was to improve the qualitative understanding of the winter vulnerabilities, coping strategies and priority needs of the most vulnerable Syrian refugees. Accordingly, the study’s findings and recommendations aim to to maximise the impact and effectiveness of our the humanitarian community’s winter programming for children and their families in a context where needs are continuing to increase yet funding is limited.

Accordingly, the focus of the research was to probe basic winter needs, priorities, concerns preparedness and coping strategies employed by the vulnerable communities during the harsh winter season to identify negative coping strategies, particularly those relating to children and women, and develop winter assistances which will aim at reducing them.

For more information on the assessment please contact the author.


Author: Sami Halabi

Sami Halabi is a policy consultant who covers a range of policy issues and analyses development programmes, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. Sami specialises in analysing policies and programmes in order to provide evidence-based recommendations to policy-makers and international development agencies. Sami holds a Master of Public Policy with Distinction from The University of Edinburgh.

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