External Evaluation of Save the Children’s Home-Based Skills Development Programme in Lebanon

Save-the-ChildrenThe evaluation conducted presented the findings of an external evaluation of Save the Children’s Home Based Skills Development (HBSD) Programme in Lebanon. The Programme is an innovative approach that provided assistance to women in vulnerable households in both refugee and host communities in the Akkar and Bekaa regions of Lebanon. Many of these women are often unable to participate in most work-for-cash programmes and the intervention combined a conditional cash transfer programme with home-based skills development programmes that accounted for the mobility constraints faced by both refugees as well as host community residents. The findings and practical recommendations of the report informed future programme design and implementation as well as wider organisational reform at Save the Children International in Lebanon.

For more information about the report please contact the author.


Author: Sami Halabi

Sami Halabi is a policy consultant who covers a range of policy issues and analyses development programmes, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. Sami specialises in analysing policies and programmes in order to provide evidence-based recommendations to policy-makers and international development agencies. Sami holds a Master of Public Policy with Distinction from The University of Edinburgh.

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